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Our Testimonials

Read some of the glowing reviews of Big Reggie's BBQ! Contact us in Bowie, MD, to learn more.

"To whom it may concern:
The U.S. Marine Corps has utilized Cajun Classic Car Grills (C3G) since July 2008 to cater a number of functions as part of our Marine Corps Community Service (MCCS) program for our military and civilian personnel. The MCCS program is a critical tool we utilize to enhance the quality of life for members of our armed forces and their civilian counterparts. It is important that we support this important mission with only the best resources and most productive activities; C3G is an excellent example of the high standard we have set in this regard. In every instance, its owner, Reginald Jones, has made sure that even the smallest details were attended to and that each engagement became an event, not just a meal for its attendees.
I would wholeheartedly recommend C3G to any organization that is seeking food service of the highest caliber and an experience that will be enjoyed by all. I commend Mr. Jones and his company for always going above and beyond that which is required, an uncommon standard nowadays.
If you would like to speak with me personally about my endorsement, I may be reached at (703) 697-2706 during normal business hours.

Jody L. McBride (Athletic Director — May 28, 2009)"

"To whom it may concern:
Hill High Country Store has been purchasing food products from Cajun Classic Car Grills (C3G) since June 2006. Hill High Country Store is a specialty foods and crafts retail establishment which has been in business for over 57 years. Our customers are very loyal to us and have come to expect only the very best in the products we sell and the service we offer. From the initial introduction of C3G products to our lineup of fresh foods, we have been challenged to keep up with the demand from our customers. The C3G products quickly became the Top Seller in our Deli. We have always enjoyed excellent service from Mr. Reginald Jones, the owner, and it is clear that his standard of excellence for his food products and service is the benchmark for all of our vendors to meet. Mr. Jones takes great pride in his business and products, and he is always seeking to 'raise the bar'; his customer service and quality of product have even further enhanced our reputation among our customers.

I would highly recommend Mr. Jones and C3G to anyone interested in excellent service, excellent products, and a company that firmly stands behind both.

I would be happy to speak directly with you to further elaborate upon our great experience with Cajun Classic Car Grills; I may be reached at (540) 882-4975.

Wes Henderson (Owner)"